Calculate Your Cedreo Projects with Construction Estimating Software Integration

Thanks to the integration of CostCertified software with Cedreo, estimating your home projects has never been easier.

Cedreo + CostCertified, The Winning Duo

Whether you’re a home builder, remodeler or designer, Cedreo + CostCertified is the #1 way to create winning proposals faster than ever!

Save Time

Create accurate estimates in minutes, not hours.

  • Automatically transfer data from Cedreo to CostCertified
  • Real-time pricing updates as you work
  • Skip manual material calculations with auto-generated quotes
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Instead of confusing software, CostCertified guides you through the process of creating an estimate.

  • New users can create their first estimate in 3 hours or less
  • Streamline communication with clients
  • Provide your clients with a familiar e-commerce experience that lets them easily choose upgrades
  • Do less admin work and more building
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No more inaccurate and vague proposals.

  • Automatic data transfer from Cedreo to CostCertified estimating helps minimize mistakes
  • Adjust costs and profit margins to ensure you’re making money
  • Build templates for common quotes to improve accuracy and speed up the process
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Improve Your Profit Margins

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Less Paperwork

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Interactive Proposals

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All-In-One Design/Estimating Solution

A Flexible Tool to Fit your Needs

CostCertified is simple yet customizable to fit any project — from a small bathroom remodel to a multi-million dollar custom home build.

You’re In Control

Whether you want to generate a fully automated quote or take more control for custom projects, CostCertified gives you the power to do both. Either way, you’ll get accurate estimates that you can create faster than ever.

Multiple Ways to Increase Profits

From automatic upsell offerings to adjustable profit margins, you’re in control of your earnings.

Easy Ways to Earn More Per Project

  • Adjust your profit margins and CostCertified automatically updates your entire quote
  • Low transaction fees for accepting customer payments so you can keep more of your money
  • Interactive quotes upsell clients on premium options
  • Change orders get automatically worked into the final price
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Time Saving Automation

Skip tedious manual calculations with automatic quoting and pre-built templates.

Say Goodbye to Endless Hours With Your Calculator

  • Did you find out your client’s ceiling is taller than you thought? Adjust the dimension with one click and your estimate and material lists get automatically updated.
  • Working on several similar projects? Build an assembly template you can reuse on multiple quotes.
  • Client wants premium flooring? All they have to do is select the option they want and the entire estimate updates in real-time.
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Easier Project Management

Instead of multiple platforms to manage projects, keep everything in one place.

Better Project Management = Less Admin Time

Invoicing, subcontractor payment, vendors, proposals, product pics, document management, change orders, project design, CRM management, material lists…handle it all with the easy-to-use Cedreo + CostCertified combination.

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Go from Design to Client Approval in Just a Few Minutes

See how you can go from designing a home project to creating a proposal your client loves.

uishot layout step Cedreo

Draw in Cedreo

Use Cedreo’s intelligent drawing tools to create an entire home design in as little as 2 hours.

3D Floor Plan created with Cedreo open-concept

Finalize the Details

Finalize your plans in Cedreo with wall types, materials, and other design elements.

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Launch the Costing Tool

Cedreo will automatically transfer your design info into the CostCertified platform.


Select Project Items

Ensure you’ve selected the correct items for each area of your design.


Confirm the Dimensions

You may have to manually enter several of the dimensions to confirm the program uses the correct ones.


View Your Generated Estimate

Click on the view and you’ll see that everything is accounted for — even minor consumables like caulk and joint compound.


Send the Proposal to Your Client

Easily send proposals from CostCertified with your company’s branding.


Interactive Upsells

Your client can upgrade items as they view your proposal and the quote gets automatically updated.


Client Approval

Once they’ve reviewed the terms, all it takes is one click to book the job with you!

Innovative Features that Save You Time & Hassle

No other combination of home design and estimating software lets you do so much so fast.


No contact sales approach


Time-saving templates and assemblies


Automated change orders


Manage vendors and subcontractors


Manage users with ease


Track material lists


Change profit margins as needed


Complete file management


Handle customer invoicing and payments

Are you looking for estimating software for residential construction projects?

Cedreo’s integration with CostCertified is a great place to start. Read more about estimating software in our blog article below.

Read What our Happy Customers Say About Cedreo

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“Very good product at a very good price”

“Easy to learn, fast to use. I like the combination of 2D and 3D views and the ease of switching between the two.”

Tom S. Realtor
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“Useful for real estate marketing”

“Cedreo allows you to quickly mock up a whole scheme in just a couple of hours which really saves so much time!”

Maria T. Senior Marketing Specialist / Real Estate

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