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Check out three different types of floor plans you can create faster than ever with Cedreo house plan software.

2D Floor Plans

2D floor plans lay the foundation for the rest of your house design. Fortunately, the Cedreo floor plan platform features easy-to-use tools that help you create 2D plans in a matter of minutes.

  • Draw a basic room with just 4 clicks.
  • Drag, drop and customize doors, windows and other architectural features.
  • Print 2D plans to scale for your construction team.

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ground floor plan of a house

3D Floor Plans

Simple blueprints are difficult for clients to understand. That’s why Cedreo’s floor plan program automatically creates a 3D floor plan as you draw in 2D. The 3D plan shows the fully furnished space from above with a 3D perspective. This makes it a lot easier for clients to understand the overall size and layout.

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Bardominium floor plan

Photorealistic Floor Plans

Bring your floor plans to life with photorealistic 3D views. Cedreo’s software takes care of the heavy lifting. That means you don’t have to be a 3D artist in order to create professional floor plan renderings. Simply…

  1. Adjust the lighting settings
  2. Choose your perspective
  3. Submit for rendering

In 5 minutes you can give your clients a realistic look at the finished project.

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3D render of a remodeled kitchen designed with Cedreo

Why Cedreo is the Best Floor Plan Software for You

You don’t need 3D design skills to draw professional home floor plans.
Cedreo is easy to use — simply select the wall thickness and height to start drawing, or import a floor plan to draw over, resize or mirror the project if needed.
Then, you can view the 3D floor plan with one click.

Create Floor Plans in Less Time

Floor planning features included in all Cedreo plans:

  • Select wall thickness and height
  • Import scalable plans to draw over
  • Get simultaneous 2D & 3D views
  • Manage outdoor layout
  • Create Basement & multi-level structure
  • Accept drop ceilings
  • Reduce or enlarge floor plan projects with resizing tool
  • Create mirror plans
  • Display corner angle size
  • Show/hide referenced floor
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UI shot Cedreo total area

Why Cedreo is the Best for Customizing Wall Openings

Once you have selected the doors and windows, drag and drop them in the room where you want them.
You can customize size and colors and apply them to the whole project in a few clicks.
Change the opening direction and orientation, and add window sills or rolling shutters if needed.

Select and Add Wall Openings in a Few Clicks

Wall opening features included in all Cedreo plans:

  • Choose from 650+ products in the library: windows, front doors, inside doors, garage…
  • Customize the color and size of all products
  • Change the opening direction and orientation of doors
  • Select door and window depth
  • Add window sills
  • Insert rolling shutter blinds
  • Use geometric openings in walls
  • Duplicate individual products and overall applications
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3D render: Front facade of a country house designed with Cedreo

Why Cedreo is the Best for Drafting Your Roof

Adding a roof is simple with Cedreo: One-click is all it takes to automatically add a roof.
Once added, you can customize it to perfectly fit your design.
Multiple options are available to create a flat or gable roof, and single or multi slopes, with skylights or dormers.
Choose from a wide library of tiles and shingles to adapt the project to your client’s needs.

Automatically Draft Your Roof

Roofing features included in all Cedreo plans:

  • Automatic flat, gable, single-slope, and multi-slope roofing
  • Automatic or manual options to add to the roof
  • Mutliple dormer styles
  • Skylights
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Roof scuppers
  • Roof overhangs
  • Eaves
  • Wide library of covering options
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Cedreo Saves You Time — from Floor Plan Drawing to Completed Project

Provide professional project designs to your clients with both the 2D floor plan and the surface area data.
You can customize the floor plan with symbols and colors and change the room names to help clients easily understand the project.
The ultimate deliverable is the photorealistic 3D rendering that creates the wow effect.

Customize Your Final Floor Plan and Download it

Customization and download option features are available in all Cedreo plans:

  • Download detailed surface area table
  • Download complete floor plan designs
  • Specify the wall type (waterproof, isolated inside, partition)
  • Add wall dimensions where needed
  • Identify spaces and rooms with symbols and colors
  • Customize room names
  • Calculate surface area
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The Perfect Toolkit for Professional Floor Plans

Cedreo is your complete toolbox for creating complete floor plans in minutes. The software comes with tons of features to speed up the drawing process and improve design quality to satisfy even the pickiest client.

draw floor plan icon

Import Floor Plan

Import an existing floor plan in a variety of formats and start tracing right away.

Draw in 2D & View in 3D icon

Draw in 2D & View in 3D

Create a floor plan in 2D with quick drawing tools and watch it come to life in 3D in a separate window.

Create Exterior Layout icon

Create Exterior Layout

Import a plot of land or draw land boundaries to visualize the entire lot.

appliances icon

Add Floor Plan Symbols

Add floor plan symbols to represent elements like windows, walls, stairs, and furniture.


Resize Floor Plan Layouts

Resize the entire floor plan with just a few clicks – no need to start from scratch.

floor plan to scale

Add Dimensions

Add dimensions in a quick and easy table on the side of your floor plan to include them directly on key elements to ensure every viewer can accurately picture the finished product.

furnish icon

Access a Library of 3D Objects

Choose from more than 9,000 customizable 3D objects to being your floor plans to life.


Draw & Print to Scale

Quickly draw floor plans to scale and print with precision every time.

Share projects icon - Cedreo

Share Site Plan Designs

Export floor plans with ease in multiple file formats to share with clients and colleagues to get feedback instantly and make changes quickly.

Floor Plan Examples

Use Cedreo to create floor plans online for any room type, with color-coding that helps clients understand your design at a glance.

How Can a Floor Plan Software Benefit Your Business?

Creating stunning floor plans with a professional floor plan software not only helps shorten the sales cycle and create easy communication, but they can also be used to boost your marketing strategy.

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“Very good product at a very good price”

Easy to learn, fast to use. I like the combination of 2D and 3D views and the ease of switching between the two.

Tom S. Realtor
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“Useful for real estate marketing”

Cedreo allows you to quickly mock up a whole scheme in just a couple of hours which really saves so much time!

Maria T Senior Marketing Specialist / Real Estate

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